Your workflow? Supported.

Your team doesn't work like everyone else, so why should your project platform?
We support your workflow and help make you productive instead of getting in your way.

Type-specific workflows

Workflow schemes lets you define different workflows for different types of issues.
Use one type of workflow for support tickets and another for bug reports, or anything in between.

Interactive workflow editor

Mapping your workflow to a Pachno workflow is super simple with the built-in workflow editor.

Advanced workflow configurations

Workflow options such as auto-assign, max number of assigned issues, logging time and restricting issue fields are all available.

In addition, workflows can be extended using Pachno modules to allow for near endless configurations.

How Pachno fits your workflow

Flexible configuration
With a variety of configuration options available, Pachno adapts to your workflow instead of forcing our own workflow on you or your team.
Automate tedious tasks
Automatically updating fields, assigning users and a lot more means you can avoid situations where data is lost or missing.
Validation and confirmation
Workflow step validation lets you avoid assigning too many issues to the same people. Transition rules let you implement verification steps in your workflow.