We're as agile as you are

Planning boards and features in Pachno help you execute your plan whether it's Scrum, Kanban or neither.
Pachno adapts to you.

Column-based planning board with min-max

Use planning boards to organize your sprints, milestones or just any tickets you want.

Group tickets by one ore more statuses and drag-drop across columns to move them. Use cover images to distinguish between issues or instantly recognize them.

Swimlanes to the rescue

Board swimlanes lets you group tasks on the board based on either parent tasks or fields.

Create priority swimlanes to immediately recognize tasks that needs attention.

Colorful and personal

Not everyone is the same. Just because your boss likes grey doesn't mean you have to.

Color your boards in a variety of colors, and use covers or status colors to spice up your work.

Why use Pachno for planning

Keep everyone in sync
Create and share boards that reflect your workflow with team members. Use personal boards to get the bigger picture.
Make boards your own
Boards, cover images and labels can be colorized and personalized. Everything doesn't have to look the same way.
Drag and drop easy
Boards adapt to your workflow. Whether it's a scrum sprint, ongoing kanban or anything else - Pachno supports it.