Pachno speaks your language

We believe the greatest open source solution should be available and accessible, no matter where you're from.
That's why Pachno is available in several languages, and fully translatable!

Available in multiple languages

When your project management tool speaks your language, you're more productive, and important details don't get lost in translation.
Focus on using your tool and don't let language become a barrier!

Translated by you

Our open development process lets anyone contribute translations and improve on existing language efforts.
Join our growing community of translators!

Why use Pachno in your own language

Software is made everywhere
Software is written in all countries, so why should your project management tool only speak one language?
Communicate without barriers
Misunderstandings happen when you communicate across languages and cultures. Let Pachno reduce possible confusion.
Embrace diversity
People are different. Your tools should reflect that. Let your users feel appreciated for who they are.