Your project is our responsibility

Projects are what Pachno is all about - whether it's your own little side-gig or the bread and butter of your company.
We can handle it.

Project dashboards to give you an overview

Every project in Pachno gets its own dashboard. Add timelines, releases, info blocks or searches, so you have an overview of what is going on.

Widgets can be added and removed and if you're missing one, let us know!

A space for your project

All projects in Pachno have their own separate spaces where all issues, documents, files, etc are kept.
Easily jump between project spaces when you need to.

Configure your project the way you want

Pachno supports project hierarchies including editions, releases and components. Projects can also be parent, child- and subprojects - and you can build it as you please.
Access control features lets you maintain access. Don't want everyone to see the internal build? No worries, Pachno lets you do that.

Why use Pachno for your projects

Flexible project structure
Pachno supports a long list of different project configurations, and the editions feature even lets you separate your project into variants.
Project timeline
The project timeline keeps everyone in the loop on what is happening - from commits to issue updates, it's all visible there.
Internal and external access
Pachno lets you differentiate between external and internal users, so you can allow your clients into Pachno for an even better experience.