Create beautiful and powerful documents

The document system in Pachno lets you create awesome documents - whether it's presentations, documentation, meeting notes or release summaries.

Structured and organized

Use folders or collections to group documents and add sub-sections. Add tags and categories to allow easy access across all your docs.

Built-in table of contents means you will never get lost, even in those long meeting notes.

Discuss and collaborate on documents

Tag people on the team or related users in your documents to let them know about it, or use the comments to discuss.

Comment threading lets you keep the discussion on topic and make sure everyone knows what's being discussed.

Why use Pachno for documents

Dynamic content and links
Issue links, document links and users are all dynamic - so when content changes, you don't have to wonder about old stuff.
Keep people in the loop
Documents don't get lost or stale when the people involved are notified, and discussions can stay on topic.
Attach anything
Attach patches or files in your documents? Check.
Share designs or screenshots? Check.
Only the imagination is the limit.