Time tracking that stays out of your way

Tracking estimations and time usage can be a chore. That's why we made it easy in Pachno.

One-click time tracking

Built-in timers in all issue views let you start, pause and stop time tracking from any issue.

Automatically track the time you spend and save it with the press of a button.

Multiple timers support

Spending time on more than one task? Not a problem! Track as many tasks as you want with easy access to active timers anywhere from the menu.

Pause inactive tasks and resume them when you're ready, all updated in real time.

Add and adjust time spent

Manage time spent from an easy view where you can specify the type of activity, see who reported it and more.

Adjust saved entries where necessary - for when you forgot about that extra day you spent.

Why use Pachno for time tracking

One-click time tracking
Track any task with the press of a button. Pause, resume and stop any timer at any time.
Multiple timers
Track any number of tasks for as long as you need. Never lose track of ongoing timers.
Time reporting made easy
Specify activity types, attach comments and adjust time spent when needed.