For teams of all sizes

Pachno is built for teams of all sizes. From startups of 1 to multiple teams of teams - Pachno works with you and your team.

Teams as first-class citizens

Create teams in Pachno that reflects the team in your organization.

Assigning team leads let you define roles, and teams can even have special permissions.

Project teams or topic teams

Assign teams to projects to give everyone on that team specific roles.

Define team roles so you don't have to manually add and remove people - if they're in the team, they're in!

Team efforts

Teams can be assigned almost anywhere a user can be. On-demand teams let users team up on individual tasks.

Pair programming and teamwork has never been easier.

Why use Pachno for teamwork

Teams that reflect you
Teams in Pachno are digital versions of the real teams. Whether it's one of many teams, or a team of one.
Teaming up
Teaming up with other users in Pachno is super simple and allows for great cooperation.
Team roles
Teams get roles, which means handling access and permissions across hundreds of users is as easy as adding them to a team.