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About this extension

This is a preview release

This addon enables integration between GitHub and Pachno. Enable the functionality by adding your Github account in under "External accounts" in your profile settings.

Server admins: Importing projects is done as a background task. Make sure to periodically run the ./bin/pachno livelink:import task to make sure this task runs.

Important - this module contains external dependencies. Remember to run composer update from your main pachno folder after installing this module.

How to install this extension

Download this module archive and extract the downloaded into the modules directory under the top pachno directory, to create the new livelink_github directory:

After unpacking the archive so the directory structure is as shown above, visit the "Manage modules" section in the configuration center to install the new module.

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Version 0.1
  • 01st Jul., 2021
  • Pachno 1.0.2