With Pachno we are building an open collaboration platform for individuals and teams of all types, shapes and sizes.
Built with - and on - open source technologies, Pachno is a platform to empower creative individuals and bring teams together.

Trusted by thousands of users for over a decade, Pachno is the rebranded, next-generation version of the popular The Bug Genie.

/images/feature-opensource.png Open source and community-driven Pachno is open source software. All we do is based on and around your feedback and our awesome community Learn more

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Pachno is developed by a community of volunteers, driven by a passion for open source software and collaborative solutions.
If you want to influence or participate, join our growing community!

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Full control, hosted by you Download from github and host it yourself. Full instructions available online.
Hassle-free, hosted by us Choose from a variety of extensions and integrations, and don't worry about upgrades.